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Homebound is a seven-piece world music band, combining musical genres with the element of the drone, a prominent feature in many cultures.  As a follow-up of the bands’ first live recording, we are now working on a studio recording for our second releas.
For this recording, the band is using a studio in Hofheim, Germany.  Band members and guest musicians from across Germany, Scotland, Finland, Australia and Mongolia must travel to this location for recording.  The timetabling just to get band members, who all have other projects and jobs, to the recording zone is a task in itself!  The band members themselves have been doing all the recording, as well as producing the album artwork and design. The band has done all they can and now they need your help to finish the album.
There are many costs with the production of the album, including further mixing, mastering, replication, website, publicity and advertising.  The band would greatly appreciate any donation amount.  Please have a look through the rewards list and see what suits you.  We are so much looking forward to finishing the recording and the project!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our music, you can hear samples of AUDIO FILES on the site.

Just Helping Out!
£5.00 or more : Thank you for any amount! A big hug to you, if you come to claim it!
Download It!
£10.00 or more : Receive a code as soon as the album is finished for a pre-release album download, straight to your computer!
Pre-Release Album
£15.00 or more : Receive a pre-release of the brand new album when its finished, posted to your door! Also, your name will be listed in the CD liner notes with a big Thank You!
Pre-Release Album AND Debut Album
£25.00 or more : Receive a pre-release copy of the new album as well as the debut Homebound live recording! Also, your name will be listed in the new CD liner notes with a big Thank You!
Gift It!
£30.00 or more : TWO pre-release new albums, one for you and one for a friend of your choice! Also, your name will be listed in the CD liner notes with a big Thank You!
T-Shirt and Pre-Release Album
£40.00 or more : Receive a t-shirt AND a pre-release copy of the new album. T-shirts are of limited quantity, sure to soon be collectors items! Also, your name will be listed in the new CD’s liner notes with a big Thank You!
Complete Package
£70.00 or more : A rather large Homebound poster. A pre-release copy of the new album. Homebound’s debut live album. A limited edition t-shirt. Could you want anything more? And of course, your name in the new CD’s liner notes with a big Thank You.
Album launch + Meet and Greet + Complete Package
£200.00 or more : x2 tickets to the launch concert, time and date TBC in Germany. And a big welcome backstage to meet the band! Your name with BIG THANKS in the album liner notes, plus all in the Complete Package.
Tune Composition
£400.00 or more : A band member of your choice (Allan, Thomas, Cheyenne, Sodhi, or Pedro) will compose a piece which you can name. The band will premier it at the next concert near you, or make a special recording of your tune. (Who knows, maybe it will be on the NEXT cd?!) Also, your name in the liner notes with BIG THANKS, and all of the Complete Package.

In July Allan performed with his brother Iain as part of the Neil Johnstone Pipes and Strings. Pipes & Strings is an exciting project involving soloists Iain & Allan MacDonald, Roddy MacLeod, James Ross, Neil Johnstone and an 11-piece string orchestra.  Project manager Rhona Johnstone describes Pipes & Strings as “a fusion between the traditional & classical music genres.  What we are aiming to do is bring both these very different styles of music together and introduce audiences to something new.”  The tour followed on from the release of the CD “Pipes & Strings – Suite for Alan” You can purchase this CD from Amazon by using the following link:

Allan has just returned from a three week excursion including concerts in Seattle, Vashon Island, Vancouver Island and Vancouver itself.

Allan will be performing and launching the Moidart Collection at The William Kennedy Piping Festival in Armagh, Northern Ireland from the 17th to the 20th November 2011. Full information about this festival can be found on the following link:

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